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The science, math, and research training program (SMART) is a first-year course that provides an integrated introduction to biology and chemistry, along with corresponding courses in calculus 1 and 2.
NewsNature, an international science journal, featured the IQS and SMART programs in an article about innovative science education programs.

SMART Feature Stories

Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma, '18Vultures sitting on dead trees along a trail, one of the many sights Nidhi Sharma, '18, captured on her blog documenting her summer research on the effects of climate change on the ecosystem in the Florida Keys. Read More
A Smart ApproachFirst-year students in the SMART course spent the semester studying bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics and creating new chemical compounds that are more effective against staph and E. coli. They presented their findings in a poster session.
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